‘Bringing business home’

The Green Building Council South Africa recently hosted their 7th Annual Green Building Convention in Cape Town. The theme for the year was “It’s time for Africa”

and “bringing it home”. The aim of the convention was to strike a balance between providing:

• Inspiration on the broader subject of sustainability
• Delivery of practical tools to deliver change on the ground
• Providing impetus to transforming the built environment towards environmental sustainability within the African region
• Knowledge transfer from local to global and global to local
• Providing a platform for Business to Business networking opportunities
• And showcasing the latest green building technologies, trends and innovation

Concrete.TV was on site to film the event.
Produced by: www.Concrete.TV
Filmed by: Anna Sacco and Nawaal Deane
Text edited by: Adrienne Taylor

Produced by www.Concrete.TV

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