Villa Paradiso: A little piece of heaven along the Tuscan Coast

With plenty of spectacular property along the picturesque South African coast, it’s no wonder South Africans are staying put in this paradise. But recently, the temptation to buy abroad, especially in Italy, has become duly noted. Though the financial crisis has plagued Italy more than most European countries in the past few years, buyers have not shied away from luxury real estate ventures in the old country. And we’ve found just the place they’re looking: Tuscany.

Tuscany is synonymous worldwide with culture and beauty. It is a region that is home to a breathtaking and diverse landscape characterized by the lush rolling hills of the countryside and the jewel-toned seas that hug its coast. If you venture to the serene peninsula of Monte Argentario in the province of Grosseto and make your way to the tip of a rocky promontory, you’ll find a sea lover’s dream: Villa Paradiso.

Fitting for its name, ‘Paradiso,’ which means ‘heaven’ in Italian, this waterfront sanctuary is 1,000 square meters of peaceful gardens, majestic marble encasings and a sprawling seascape with a private swimming entrance that welcomes the radiantly blue Tyrrhenian Sea. Built over the foundation of a Roman period villa, the property boasts large floor to ceiling windows that welcome an enchanting view of the sea, just a few steps away.

Encompassed by lavish gardens and stretches of green grass to relax under the Tuscan sun, the grounds are just as mesmerizing as the house itself. Surrounded by a perfectly manicured landscape, several cosy caches throughout the property provide an area for basking in the summer sun or enjoying an aperitivo with friends on a mild Tuscan evening. The most exclusive part of this villa, however, is its private swimming entrance. A stone-paved path leads to a personal beach where you can have a tranquil swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

And when the beach weather subsides, find solace and warmth inside the grand fortress that is Villa Paradiso. The grandeur of the entrance hall leads to a spacious living room, a comfortable haven perfect for unwinding, in addition to another sitting room with a majestic fireplace.

For the cooking enthusiast and dinner party entertainer, Villa Paradiso is a place to fall in love. With two large and fully equipped kitchens, there is no shortage of cooking space on the property. And with a vast dining room, that grants ample space, it is made to host delicious Italian dinners with friends and family.

Villa Paradiso has five sensational bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, laundry and technical rooms. On the first floor (also accessible by lift), the regal master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and balcony awaits. The sparkling sea views can be enjoyed year-round, day and night, from inside the Villa. The first floor is also complete with a second kitchen and a complete bar, perfect for a relaxing afternoon cocktail.

Aside from the main living quarters, Villa Paradiso is provided a separate apartment designated for staff, which includes a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Located in central Italy, the Tuscan climate is generally mild. They enjoy hot summers on the coast with the added benefit of nightly coastal breezes. Although the summer months are quite hot by the sea, April and May as well as September and October are usually sunny and enjoyable, leaving only a few ‘cold’ months that rarely see temperatures below 40°F (4°C).

For culture vultures, Tuscany is the greatest repository of art in the world and there are several ‘città di arte’ to discover just a car ride away. Food buffs usually descend on Tuscany for the extraordinary cuisine known for its ribollita and bistecca alla fiorentina. The diverse landscape also appeals to several sport activities, whether it’s swimming, hiking, or biking.

People are investing in Tuscany because the opportunities are endless. Some are looking for a first home, a second home, or an investment. Others want to convert the property into a summer rental, a boutique hotel, an agriturismo, or a winery. Culture, food, fashion and landscapes: Tuscany offers a little slice of everything.

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