Winter Product Specials

As winter settles in, Morningside Mica is offering the following winter specials to keep you warm in June:

Firewood, 3 types:

  • Ignite firewood 7kg’s @ R38.00

  • Firewood hardwood 20kg’s @R85.00

  • Firewood kindling 20kg’s @R110.00

Other items on special in June:

  • Firelighters, timberlites @R32.00 for a pack of 6

  • Gas 9kg refill @R240.00

  • 2plate Alva Gas stove @R350.00

  • Alva cooker top @R150.00

  • Alva 4.5kg gas cylinder filled with gas @ R680.00

  • Anthracite 15kg medium nuggets @R85.00

Any combination orders above R1000.00 carry a free delivery.

Note that any orders below R1000.00 will have a delivery charge as per below.

Mon-Fri Del charge R100.00

Sat- Del charge R200.00

Sun- Del charge R300.00

To order mail zulchmm@mweb.co.za or call 011 783 7901

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Morningside Mica is a local hardware store situation in 11th Street Parkmore, Johannesburg.

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