Compact House

Comfort and style, effortlessly blended.

Set against the iconic curves of Lion’s Head, and overlooking the white, sandy beaches of Clifton, it’s hard not to feel like you’re gazing at a little piece of heaven when you take in all the wonders that this home has to offer.

And from the mind of Durban-based designer Michele Throssell, is that any surprise? With a time-tested reputation for revealing “the soul of the home”, few designers quite understand how to tap into a home’s beauty quite like her.

Completely gutting and renovating a quaint little apartment for her client, Michele has had a hand in every aspect of this project from start to finish. Designed as an easy lock-up-and-go apartment for her client to escape to on the weekend, Michele sought to capitalise on its prime location and view.

Every element contributes to the home’s own beauty, with the natural splendour of its surroundings. But no room in the double-storey home better exemplifies this than the light-flooded living area, combining the living room and the kitchen, filled with chic, trendy furniture that matches seamlessly with the colour scheme.

Michele used texture layering to give the home its uniquely beautiful finishes, made up of white and cream, with hints of brass and gentle oatmeal tones, and textured wooden flooring throughout the home. Every room in the house feels organic and fresh, effortlessly bringing to mind Clifton’s stunning ocean views.

A great deal of time and care was poured into every facet of this home’s design, and we think you’ll agree that it’s paid off remarkably well, turning it into one of Clifton’s brightest spots.

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