Kenton Home: Joseph Avnon Interiors

A beach escape that defines the dream holiday home.

As an Interior Design and Decorating Service specialising in creating in-depth and personalised experiences for each valued client, Joseph Avnon Interiors is making waves in the South African Interior Design industry. The founder of the company, Jonathan Avnon, shows an affinity for mixing bold hues with traditional styles to create vibrant and refreshing spaces that are tailored to each homeowner’s taste.

Here, we shine a spotlight on the Kenton family home that is Jonathan’s latest project. A property with an ocean view and open-plan architecture, this home is now a sophisticated yet comfortable space with an aesthetic that reflects a connection to the ocean. 

Splashes of vibrant blue hues emphasise the beachy-chic feel, interspersed with the green shades from a variety of plants dotted around the home. Crisp white walls open up the space to create a fresh and clean feel, and allow the bolder shades to take the spotlight.

Taking a tour of the bedrooms, we see cosy and comfortable spaces accessorised with similar blue accents, as seen throughout the rest of the home. These calming shades create a peaceful and intimate space, perfect for any evening routine. Eclectic patterns on the throw pillows add an exciting energy in an otherwise tranquil room.

Sleek metal finishes can be seen around the home, which add sophistication and structured elements that break the softness of the space without creating any harsh features. This gorgeous space is also supplemented with glass elements, with the lounge coffee table being the perfect example of functional items that facilitate a sense of flow throughout the room.

Jonathan and his team have excelled in creating a beautifully curated space that doesn’t sacrifice style in the pursuit of comfort. This stunning home and gorgeous view have been supplemented and elevated by chic and detailed pieces that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Discover more at: https://www.josephavnon.com

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