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With winter now behind us, the coming season means one thing for the happy home-maker: spring cleaning!

When the need for cosiness during the colder months dwindles, we know it’s time for a proper clean-out in order to get our homes ready for Spring. Although the task of organising your home and getting ready for the warmer days ahead is a daunting one, we’re here to help, and the best way for you to spruce up your space is by getting your hands on stylish storage solutions, suitable for any home. So, here are 5 of our top picks!

The Ordo Bathroom Storage 2 Shelf –  @home

This sleek and sophisticated shelving unit from @home is both stylish and functional, perfect for keeping all of your bathroom bits and bobs organised. Furthermore, this piece is super versatile, with compact sizing and dimensions for nearly any space, making it ideal for just about anywhere around your home!


Denmark Blanket Box – Mr Price Home

While the spring days are lovely and warm, the nights may get a bit chilly, but bulky blankets don’t have to take up any more of your space with this superb space-saver. Not only is it purpose-built to keep your blankets concealed in style, but it can also double as seating for those fab spring parties you’re planning!

Mr Price Home

Svenska Cabinet –  Design Store

Space is a precious commodity, and you need plenty of it to keep your growing closet tidy and organised as Spring hits full swing. But don’t curb your style just because your current closet space isn’t spacious enough. Instead, check out the Design Store’s Svenska Cabinet that boasts multiple styles and finishes in order to create a functional furniture item that will fit your space and your needs perfectly, all in a very sleek piece of furniture.

Design Store

Woven Palm Leaf Baskets  – House of Sofia

Patterned baskets are the trendy storage style that’s been on our radar of late, and could be the perfect de-clutter design for your home! Available in numerous shapes, sizes and styles from the House of Sofia, these effortlessly chic and versatile pieces are a must-have for any homemaker looking to add a little something extra to their spaces, without sacrificing functionality.

House of Sophia

Fritz wall storage cube – Sixth Floor

Your storage solutions needn’t be bland if a pop of colour is what your space needs. Just check out these vibrant and unique floating shelves that provide the perfect little storage nook for a whole host of items. These Fritz Wall Storage Cubes, available on Superbalist, come in multiple sizes and colours, making them the perfect fit for your space.

Sixth Floor
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