Grounded Tranquility at the Old Rectory Hotel

Situated at the heart of Plettenberg Bay, a beautiful coastal town in South Africa, the Old Rectory hotel is an immaculately restored national treasure that was built in 1777. The intimate hotel was reimagined and transformed by Erasmus Fairbairn Architects. We chatted with Owner, Dael Fairbairn about the luxury hotel.

Bathroom Butler: What is the overall style and feeling you wanted to achieve?

DF The scope of the project originally included two existing historical buildings, the Old Rectory building and the old schoolhouse, built in 1777. With the historical context in mind, we designed the functional aspects to the buildings to reflect the type of construction used by the Dutch, by exposing stone walls that had been covered in lime-wash, exposed the clay bricks used by the English occupation  protecting it with a contemporary glass sheet and by restoring the old yellow wood beams and floors to their former glory. We tackled the design of the new hotel rooms with the historical reference in mind, but we also made the rooms appropriate for a five star hotel with a clean contemporary style. The development has one of the oldest Milkwood trees dating back to the 1700s. The landscaping has cleverly hidden the hotel rooms, and together with the old Milkwood and other old trees that pop out through the pool deck, the feel of this development is one of verdant, grounded tranquility.

Bathroom Butler: How did you come to choose Bathroom Butler as the preferred brand of bathroom accessories for this project?

DF We often use Bathroom Butler as the preferred brand for accessories and also because we found your new antique brushed bronze range perfect for the historical buildings. They are contemporary with a great hint of nostalgia! The new rooms were furnished with your classic stainless steel range.

Bathroom Butler: Tell us more about Erasmus Fairbairn Architects and the services you offer.

DF Erasmus Fairbairn Architects was founded in 1992. We are a small-to-medium-size practice. Our major work has been in the leisure and housing industries, including both large complexes and individual homes, lodges, boutique hotels and villas on exclusive islands. We will put our minds to just about anything else, that we believe we could add value to. We include interior design to our services and have started a small business manufacturing items we cannot have made for our projects, that people are unable or unwilling to tackle, at a competitive price. We specialize in aesthetically pleasing, environmentally appropriate, energy- efficient buildings. We take a versatile, transformative approach to design, considering the needs of the client, appropriate material use and the overall impact of the structure on the site. Our attention to detail is what sets our buildings apart.

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