Winter Mood with Bathroom Butler and Symmetry Design

Bathroom Butler, leading manufacturers of beautiful stainless steel bathroom accessories and heated towel rails recently paired up with Symmetry Interior Architectural Design to create winter-inspired mood boards for the bathroom.


The Drakensberg Rockjumper

This inspiration for this board came from The Drakensberg Mountains and orange-breasted Drakensberg Rockjumper (a medium-sized bird native to the Drakensberg and Lesotho mountains and do not migrate so are visible in the winter months). It represents those nostalgic feelings we get from cosy log cabins and front-of-the-fireplace family gatherings during the cold, misty winter months spent on the 1000km mountain range that encloses the South African plateau. The board is brought to life with the textures of a rock-cladded tile illustrative of the rocky terrain and the rusty colours of the stone and leaves that have been scattered through the design, picking up the change of season from autumn to winter. The timber, symbolising the forest (where you will also find the orange-breasted Rockjumper nesting), together with Bathroom Butler’s polished rose gold bathroom accessories, perfectly complements this rich, autumn colour pallet.

The Karoo Farmhouse

This mood board was inpsired by the beautiful old farmhouses found in the South African Karoo. Its dry landscape lends itself to the tones of the timber and rusty, warm colours that have been incorporated into this design. The Terrazzo style tile represents a traditional farmhouse ‘stoep’, and is shared with a damask tile and indigenous aloe plant – symbolic of the old Dutch, colonial look. The lighter and brighter white tile characterises the old farmhouses that were painted white and used as beacons in the area. “We have completed the look with the Bathroom Butler brushed bronze accessories to give it a rustic feel as often these farmhouses were fitted with copper accessories giving a nod to that era,” says Taryn Keefer, Senior Architect at Symmetry Design.

Thermal Baths This inspiration came from Peter Zumthor’s Thermal Baths in Switzerland where people often migrate during the winter months. This spot is embedded into the rock face giving you the illusion of having entered a cave. The blue mosaic tiles represent the water, while the scattered pebbles represent the stone and rock-faced mountains. A grey fabric and wallpaper imitates the walls of the ‘cave’ and is completed with the addition of the Bathroom Butler’s brushed stainless steel bathroom accessories which picks up the grey undertones present throughout.

Symmetry Interior Architectural Design was established in 2011 and specialise in the hospitality and corporate architecture, interior design, procurement, installation and project management. Symmetry Design boasts a team with many years of diverse local and international experience, as well as a wide network of contacts and resources.

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