Monochromatic Bathrooms

LIQUIDRed recently teamed up with  Karen Steyn,  Founder & Interior Designer at The Home Studio on putting together some helpful advice on how homeowners and aspiring decorators can create a beautiful monochromatic bathroom in their own homes.


A monochromatic colour schemes is defined as one in which a single base colour forms the foundation while variations of the same colour, its various shades and tones, form the other colours. It is important, tough to keep the colours different enough to provide some contrast.

Begin by picking a base colour. The next step is to pick lighter and darker variations of that colour as options. These variations may be used on accent walls, or trim, or in bathroom accessories or accents within the room. At paint stores, you will find colour samples that give a wide selection of colour variations built around different base colours.  

Add Interest 

To add interest in a monochromatic bathroom, play with tile patterns and tile sizes or the direction the tiles are laid; all these can create a big impact in a monochromatic bathroom, instantly. “By using a mix of tiles for the wet areas rectangular subway tiles or hexagonal and white paint elsewhere you create the foundation for the bathroom, while also introducing a mix of textures. Introduce the black colour detail through the fixtures such as shower heads, taps, mixers and handles. Further black details can come in through black framed mirrors, and extra texture can be added through black bathroom textiles and bathrooms accessories,” advises Karen. 

Black is always in 

Black is often overlooked as bathroom colour, because it is perceived to have the ability of visually shrinking the space. However, using black as an accent colour in a monochromatic black and white bathroom adds a sense of sophistication to the design with touches of elegance and timelessness, especially when paired with marble surfaces. Matt Black bathroom accessories as accent pieces are exceptionally popular because of their trend appeal, they work well with contemporary styles and are visually interesting.

“If you feel your monochromatic space has become a little “too much’, consider bringing in some natural elements over new colour to help mix things up. Plants and flowers always make a room feel alive, and wood pieces such as wood vanities or timber stools make a lovely contrast in monochromatic spaces”, concludes Karen. 

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