Ten Minutes with Designer Wendy Holmes

Architectural Designer Wendy Holmes from Living Design shares her expert advice on creating a beautiful timeless bathroom and more.

Wendy says that the bathroom is often not given enough imagination and people tend to think it has to be completely water resistant. But in fact this is not necessary except where water is likely to be splashed. So a bathroom should be another beautiful room in the house, inviting you to spend a happy time in it each day.

LIQUIDRed: How can homeowners create a timeless bathroom that will not date quickly and will look “new” for years to come?

Wendy Holmes: Timeless bathrooms are ones where white or other neutral colours are used. Bring in various shades of white, such as French white and light grey in wall tiles and the flooring. Keep in mind that the floor doesn’t need to be tiled as wooden floors too look wonderful in the bathroom and are warmer to walk on bare feet. It is best not to do too much tiling. Tile only in the necessary areas such as showers, basins and around the bath. You can bring in accents  with towels and interesting mirrors and decor. Make your bathroom into another beautiful room where you enjoy spending time. If the bathroom is big enough, add some artwork.

LIQUIDRed: What are the important design aspects homeowners need to consider when redoing their bathroom?

Wendy Holmes: Most bathrooms work best entering in the middle instead of on one side. This allows you to have functional areas on either side of the doorway — a shower and a bath on one side and the basin vanity unit on the other. If possible place the bath in front of a large window. The window should be level with the top of the bath, so that when you are soaking in the bathtub you have a view out to the garden. This also makes the bathroom look and feel much bigger.

LIQUIDRed: What small changes can homeowners make to their bathroom now to make it look refreshed, if they are not ready for a full renovation?

Wendy Holmes: If you are only doing a partial renovation, remove old wall tiles and paint the walls a neutral colour. Buy an interesting hanging mirror that has a lovely frame and place it above the basin. Remove old stuck on mirrors. Place a rug on the floor. Paint the tiles. Replace your bathroom accessories.  

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