Bathroom Butler & Caesarstone Mood-boards

Bathroom Butler, leading manufacturers of Stainless Steel bathroom accessories and heated towel rails teamed up with Caesarstone and Interior Designer Corne Johl during woman’s month to create a set of inspiration bathroom mood-boards to reflect the strong spirit of women.

It has been said that “when you strike a woman, you strike a rock”, it is therefore fitting to be collaborating with Caesarstone, the quartz surface that is tough yet beautiful, to celebrate the role of women who have been instrumental in the development and advancement of our society. 

As a jumping off point, Interior Designer Corne collected visual references and inspiration from photographs taken during the historic 1956 Women’s March, memorials that where erected to honour Rahim Moosa , Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph and Sophie Williams who were the four women that led the march and references from these fearless women’s hometowns. This selection of visual stimulation inspired the colour palette, materials and finishes chosen for each of the mood-boards.


The Power of Women

This powerful combination of stone and metal inspired the first mood-board whose brushed bronze finish picks up echoes of the metal base plate the grinding stone is placed on in the women’s memorial sculpture image. This mood-board also features the Moorland Fog from Caesarstone whose dramatic design with organic veining in shades of elegant taupe and oyster stand out beautifully against the bronze finish of the Bathroom Butler 4600 Series bathroom accessories.



Natural Surroundings – Nature & Nurture

Inspirational cues for this mood-board were taken from the natural surroundings of Ga-Matla, a small village outside Pretoria where Lilian Ngoyi was born. The shape and finish of the Bathroom Butler Matt Black 4600 Series is a perfect match for the mood-board, both aspects echoing the sewing machine that she used to earn a living while being under bans and restrictions. While the White Attica Caesarstone slab, inspired by classic marble, epitomises decadent luxury with a contemporary feel and brings about a sense of lightness to the dark moody bathroom accessory colour.  


Blazing Sunsets

 A beach sunset in Strand where Rahim Moosa grew up inspired the colour combination of the next mood-board featuring the Bathroom Butler Matt Black 8500 Series and Jet Black Caesarstone slab that is both slick and a high-performance luxury surface. The soft rose tones of the paint swatch and the gentle mustard fabric complement the strong angular shape that characterise of the Bathroom Butler 8500 Series, reminiscent of the strong angular lines in the photographs and the bold black rocks on the sunset.



Interior Designer, Corne was drawn to the reflections and shapes of the polished mirror finish of the 4600 Series bathroom accessories, reminiscent of the way the sun reflects on water during sunset complemented by the circles and rounded shapes of the bathroom accessories. Other inspiration comes from visual references of a young Sophie who was the youngest woman to lead the 1956 Women’s March. This mood-board also features Rugged Concrete from Caesarstone whose industrial look is taken to the next level with the concrete-finish, grey textured surface.  


In prefect shape

The final mood-board features the Bathroom Butler 4600 Series polished rose gold bathroom accessories in perfect combination with Excava from Caesarstone that musters up elegant feelings of polished copper and hammered brass. The overall look was inspired by one undeniably feminine attribute – Helen Josephs signature cat eyeglasses and the natural colours of the sunset captured in the image inspired the use of the rose gold finish bathroom accessories.



For more information on Bathroom Butler’s bathroom accessory ranges, visit their website, Facebook or Instagram pages. For more information on Caesarstone, visit their website www.caesarstone.co.za


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