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The Bathroom Butler heated towel rails is an essential addition to any bathroom whether in the summer or in the winter. 

Here is why:

The benefits of owning a heated towel rail

Although heated towel rails will take the chill off your towels, their main purpose is to keep your bathroom towels dry and free of unpleasant, damp-loving bacteria that could harm your family. This increases the hygiene levels of your used towels, and it will save you money in the long run, as you won’t need to waste water and electricity washing your towels as often, especially in the summer when we tend to use more towels around the swimming pool and at the beach. 

Dry towels: In very humid or cold climates, towels often don’t dry in time for when you need them next. With a heated towel rail however, you never have to worry about using horribly damp towels again – you will be guaranteed to wonderfully dry towels whenever you need them.

Added hygiene: Many skin irritations are caused by germs and bacteria, and there is no better breading ground for these unwanted visitors than a damp, clammy towel left carelessly on the floor or hung up on a hook to drip dry. By folding a damp towel in four layers, and leaving it to dry on the heated bars of a heated towel rail, you’ll be denying any bacteria a place to breed.

Streamlined storage: A heated towel rail provides you with a safe and attractive purpose-made place to hang your towel out of harms way. They cost marginally more than plain, traditional towel rails, but with the added advantage of offering a drying functionality that will leave your towels smelling fresh and keeping them free of microbes.

Save on washing: Hygienically dry towels mean that you do not need to wash your towels as often. Instead of having to wash them everyday, or every second day – with a heated towel rail in place, you will only need to wash them a maximum of twice a week, depending on how often you use them. This in turn will save lots of water and electricity, as you won’t be running your washing machine or tumble dryer as often.

Inexpensive to run: Due to our advanced Dry Element Technology (DET), modern heated towel rails are comparatively inexpensive to run – this is largely due to the fact that you can adjust the temperature or program the heated towel rail to switch on and off automatically. In addition the average-size heated towel rail runs on as little electricity as that of a single light bulb or 65 Watts.  

Once you have experienced the freshness of a dry towel from a heated towel rail, you will never be able to go back to reusing, damp, moldy or musty-smelling towels. Experience the feeling of a hygienically dry towel everyday with Bathroom Butler. 

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Established 35 years ago, Bathroom Butler is a family owned business that manufactures top of the range bathroom accessories and heated towel rails in line with the dynamic demands of the market. Bathroom Butler prides itself in being the market leader in engineering excellence and cutting edge technology. With a business ethos that pivots on traditional family values and perpetual innovation we aim to provide top of the range quality products that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable for a greener environment. Experience for yourself the coveted features our products boast.

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