Bathroom Accessories should not be an Afterthought

When creating the perfect bathroom, you’re inundated with things to consider – which tiles, what type of bath; rain shower or regular; modern basin or standard; pale shades or dark? It’s intimidating and easy to forget something very important – bathroom accessories!

Accessories have always been inseparable from style, they have the uncanny ability to transform a look from trendy to timeless and back again where the same outfit can do a 360 Degree rotation. Just like accessories in fashion can make or break the desired look, so the same consideration needs to be extended to one’s home. Paying attention to the little details and especially the bathroom accessories means you can achieving a cohesive and aesthetically appealing bathroom look, easily.

At Bathroom Butler, the bathroom accessories have been designed for modern and understated glamour – the clean, simple lines ensure an inviting aesthetic for an intimate atmosphere and linger –longer moments. They add that finishing touch to the room and can make or break the space. 

What sets Bathroom Butler’s accessories apart even more is their patented RIGID Loc Mounting System, which was engineered and patented by the brand. With most bathroom accessories on the market, over time their mounting systems become loose, meaning you end up with wobbly and loose paper holders. 

“When our customers told us that they experienced trouble with the traditional method of mounting their bathroom accessories to the wall, we listened,” says Bathroom Butler’s Craig Taylor. “We rolled up our sleeves and began work on a new mounting system that eliminated the need for constant maintenance and re-tightening of loose bathroom accessories.”

The team then put the RIGID Loc Mounting system though a strenuous in-house test. “We simulated vibrations caused by the daily use of various bathroom accessories,” continues Craig. “The RIGID Loc Mounting system passed more than 100 000 knocks, which is incredible, compared to the traditional grub screw fixation, which failed after only 300 knocks.”

This is the Bathroom Butler difference! You could save on imitation bathroom accessories at the outset, but choosing beautifully designed, high-grade Bathroom Butler products from the beginning is guaranteed to save you money in the long run.


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Established 35 years ago, Bathroom Butler is a family owned business that manufactures top of the range bathroom accessories and heated towel rails in line with the dynamic demands of the market. Bathroom Butler prides itself in being the market leader in engineering excellence and cutting edge technology. With a business ethos that pivots on traditional family values and perpetual innovation we aim to provide top of the range quality products that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable for a greener environment. Experience for yourself the coveted features our products boast.

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