Benefits of Wallpapers

The walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space. There are so many options available to you, one of which is wallpaper. 

Today, wallpaper options bring exciting colours, patterns, and textures into any space. 

If you have a room full of solid colour furnishings, a patterned wallpaper can add new dimensions to your home. Without changing a single piece of furniture, you will feel as though the entire room has changed.

Here are some of the benefits of wallpaper. 

  • Long-lasting durability – paint often needs retouching or repainting every two to five years depending on children, pets, and traffic. Using wallpaper for a room instead of paint can provide 10 to 15 years of durability.
  • Cost-effectiveness – although the upfront cost of wallpaper vs. paint is higher, its durability will save you money over time.
  • Visual appeal – wallpaper provides a level of creativity you will not find with paint unless you hire someone to paint designs on your wall (which comes at a higher cost). New styles of wallpaper today offer the look of faux suede, cork, velvet, vinyl, embossed finishes, textiles, and more. Using wallpaper for a room provides a level of versatility you won’t easily find with paint.
  • Damaged walls – wallpaper can make even poor condition walls look good. If your walls have defects that you do not want to fix, a good quality, thick wallpaper can make them look spectacular.
  • Versatility – using wallpaper for room décor also has come a long way. If you find a pattern that you love, but do not want to wallpaper an entire wall, consider placing it inside a picture frame for a new take on the artwork. The monetary savings can be tremendous over purchasing fine art. It is also easily changeable when you want a new “look.” You can also use wallpaper behind shelving to add dimension to a room while accenting your displays.
  • Easy to clean – textured wallpaper is readily cleaned by vacuuming, brooms, cleaning cloths, or even wallpaper dough. For families with young children, easy to clean vinyl wallpaper can save you from frequent repainting of your walls.
  • Ease of application – some companies offer temporary wallpapers that are removable and easily applied.
  • Easy removal – depending on the application, traditional wallpaper can be removed with some effort and without wall damage when you no longer want them on your walls. It is essential to prep and prime the walls before installation to facilitate this process.

Wallpaper adds a lot of personality to a room, allowing you to use it as an accent on one wall, to coordinate with paint colours, or to cover an entire room. Many wallpapers today even come in complimentary partner patterns and solids. That allows your wallpaper room décor to take on a more customized appearance.

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