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For many, the kitchen is a magical place. It’s not just a cold, clinical food preparation station, but rather a space to meet, chat, experiment, and socialise, more often than not with the exciting outcome of a delicious meal! What’s not to love?

But, whether you’re a Michelin star chef, or struggle to make a piece of toast, having a kitchen that you feel comfortable and happy in is an essential part of calling your house a home. So, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite kitchen trends, from some of the brands we absolutely love, to inspire you to create that kitchen you’ll love coming home to.

Space saving style – Eclipse Group

One thing any good cook will tell you is that nothing frustrates them more than a cluttered, messy kitchen. But with space constraints hampering so many of us, particularly those living in apartments, making the most of your limited kitchen area is easier said than done. Thankfully, Eclipse group is the undisputed authority on kitchen space-saving solutions, and they’re making life that much more spacious with their innovative Space Tower! This fab, functional storage unit is discreet and easily accessible and comes in a range of widths, heights, and depths to suit your space. It even comes with in-built BLUMOTION dampening to ensure even the most heavily laden drawers (up to 70kg!) close smoothly and effortlessly to avoid items falling over or becoming damaged. It really is seamless, subtle, and infinitely stylish.

Eclipse Group

Embracing colour – Slavin Kitchens  

Kitchens can, and should, be friendly, enticing spaces to cook and connect with your family and friends. Although kitchen style trends have tended towards more neutral colours and understated aesthetics, some style pioneers have begun exploring the more colourful side of the kitchen. This Spring-inspired space is bright, cheerful, and energetic, whilst retaining an effortless sense of unique style. It’s certainly a bold approach, but we’re big fans!

Slavin & Company

Playing with perspective – Blu_Line Kitchens 

Blu_line is one of the most highly-renowned kitchen architecture studios in SA, and for good reason. Their striking, bold designs are quite unlike anything else, and the aesthetic quality of their pieces transforms them into veritable functional art installations! This Monoline kitchen island is proof of concept, with the way it uses perspective and architectural design techniques to seemingly change its aesthetic depending on how you look at it. If we’ve ever seen a kitchen island too beautiful to prepare food on, this could be it.

Bluline Kitchens

Raising the bar – Pro Chef concepts 

With a slogan like “The very last kitchen you’ll ever buy” you can have little doubt that Pro Chef Concepts designs kitchens that last a lifetime. But their kitchens aren’t just functional and durable, they’re stylish and innovative, and this unique kitchen module ticks all the boxes. Something as simple as a raised island seems like a no-brainer, but it really does add a level of freedom to rearrange your space over time, whilst providing unparalleled access for cleaning. It’s quite the game-changer.

Pro Chef Concepts

Stylish splashbacks – Easylife Kitchens 

We’re really loving the funky new splashback trend that’s seeing kitchen kitsch becoming kitchen cool! Adding a quirky, fun splashback, whether tiled, textured, or painted, is a really cute way to infuse a splash (get it?) of personality into your kitchen, and this geometric example from Easylife kitchens is a winner.

Easy Life Kitchens
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