The Memphis Design Movement

Kitsch is King as far as the Memphis Movement is concerned. Born out of a rebellion against the idea of ‘good design’, The Memphis Design Movement, starting in the 1980s, represents a pinnacle of Post-Modern. 

This new wave of art and design originated in Milan, the cradle of many aesthetic campaigns, and quickly gained popularity across the world. 

The innovators behind Memphis worked in reaction to a sleek, minimalist, and almost clinical style that became prevalent during the ‘70s by turning all that was thought to be ‘good design’ on its head. Bold, clashing colours, mixing textures, and dynamic shapes ruled the aesthetic of Memphis, inspired by the geometrics of Art Deco and brash colours of the Pop Art era.

A rejection of all that is considered ‘good taste’, this movement is making a major comeback – and here’s how it can work for you:

Pick a statement piece

A bold piece of furniture can add a vibrancy like no other to a seemingly bland room. A Memphis-inspired item like this cherry-red armchair or this black-and-white angled dining chair can spice up any space.

Start small

If bigger pieces are a little intimidating for you, start small with carefully selected décor items. Add a vibrant flair to your couch with Memphis-style throw pillows, for instance – a non-committal way to get into the style.

Step out of your comfort zone

The Memphis movement is about rejecting ordinary and opting for outlandish. Simple replacing items that typically considered to be safe and simple with something riskier can create an impact. Why not add some geometric-patterned plates to your collection and add the wow-factor to your next dinner party?

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