Inside Living’s Durban showroom

A perfectly curated dreamscape for kitchen enthusiasts.

Showrooms represent a unique opportunity to create spaces that seem to transcend the mundane limitations of functional design and approach a seamless confluence of art, design, and aesthetics.

So, when Inside Living decided to establish a new showroom in Durban, it represented a really exciting project that would undoubtedly set a bold standard in kitchen design – and we weren’t disappointed!

The idea behind the new showroom was introducing cutting-edge German craftsmanship and products to the local market and doing so in a way that really took the client from concept to completion in a seamless style journey. With meticulous attention to detail and a team of highly-experienced designers, the showroom is a celebration of ergonomic and practical design considerations.

When it comes to designing a kitchen, Yolande Petzer shared the following advice:

“The layout and use of space are key considerations, as this will define the flow and function of a kitchen relating to stages of preparation.  The selection of appliances and accessories is also key to the specific areas of work and storage, so think about the systems required. Most importantly, the finishes and materials will not only determine practicality, hygiene and ease of cleaning, but will enforce longevity in high traffic areas, so choose wisely!

Discover more at: http://www.inside.co.za/kitchens/

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