A Dream Bespoke Home

A dream bespoke home meticulously designed and flawlessly

Romi Kaplan, the founder and driving force of R.Kaplan Interiors,
is something of a visionary, and she’s rightfully acknowledged as one of the
foremost interior designers both locally and internationally. Operating across
the spheres of residential, commercial, corporate, and hospitality, her wealth
of experience and unmatched versatility helps to ensure no project is too

So, when Romi and her team were tasked with handling every aspect of the interior design for this stunning Sandton home, they carefully considered every element from concept to completion, and the results more than speak for themselves.

As with every project she takes on, Romi worked very closely with the client at every stage to ensure she had an intimate understanding of their needs and vision for the home. And we can’t help but admire the way she incorporated her classic contemporary style, using neutral tones and a subtle colour palette for seamless chic.

Throughout the home, both interior and exterior, the use of mixed
textures, materials – including an abundance of steel and wood cladding – and
fabrics shows Romi’s genius, as she creates understated points of interest that
casually draw one’s eye, whilst ensuring they don’t distract from the larger
whole. We also love the way Romi has used all-natural fabrics throughout the
home, which really adds to that earthy appeal.

If the rest of the house is a feast for the senses, the bathrooms are the palate cleanser. A feature in themselves, each bathroom has been expertly curated using Bella Bathroom’s products, utilising soft lighting, enticing textures, and clever use of space to create veritable sanctuaries within the home, inviting one to get lost in the indulgence of it all.

Suffice it to say, we’re in awe of Romi’s work!

Discover more at: http://www.rkaplaninteriors.co.za

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