3D Baroque Maple Wooden Cladding

It is hardly surprising that Italtile brings you yet another first mover in the local decor sector in collaboration with Global Stone. Wooden cladding is certainly not a revelation in the decor environment, however this 3D marvel with its interlocking system certainly is.

3D Wood is a carefully put together solution for cladding of internal walls with a warm veil. 
Apply these 1200 x 200 x 11 mm, interlocking sheets with ease: simply use a glue gun or nails. 

Make from authentic timber, each panel has a unique story to tell. It is this natural beauty that only mother nature can endow us with that lives on in your home when using 3D Wood. The final finishing touch in the assembly process is the protective varnish layer.

Baroque Maple cladding panels show the natural, light finish that the timber carries, which shows the wood grain that is rich in character.

All wood sources are FSE certified, which means that they come from sustainable forests that support community development and the factories focus on eco-conscious methods of production.

Use this marvel on a feature wall, as the backdrop in a braai room or even in your bedroom. Wood as a choice of cladding has qualities of insulation as well as audio dampening, making it a perfect solution for living areas.

3D Wood is suitable for residential or commercial use where there is minimum exposure to moisture and is maintained with cleaning agents intended for wood.

Five colour finish options are available to you, providing a greater choice of wood finish for your home: Baroque Acacia, Baroque Maple, Baroque Black Walnut , Reclaimed Mixed, Reclaimed Pine.

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