Stone Fusion Cream Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile

Genius Italian minds created the amalgamation of stone, marble and screed as if these materials have been cold pressed together – which one of the three materials stands out the most says a lot about the mind viewing this porcelain tile.

Stone Fusion Cream brings forth various rich tones of cotton and mushroom cream to suit the rich look of this product. This tile of 455 x 910 mm is suitable for larger areas and can be lain in-line or in an off-set position for most promising wearing conditions. The technology used to create this wonder is state-of-the-art and truly owes to it a sense of awe. This silky, slight textured tile has a warm, natural look-and-feel.

With 5 rich shades to choose from, this modern tile is a guarantee of style. This contemporary surface is not only unique, but also enduring as it is suitable for medium to high foot-traffic areas.

This tile range is available in the following sizes: 150 x 900 mm, 455 x 910 mm and a 300 x 600 mm. Suitable for wall and floor, providing a comprehensive solution for any space just became as easy as “click” with the Stone Fusion tile range.

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