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Finfloor is now importing the beautiful Bella range from AGT. Inspired by the allure of flowers, Bella comes in a range of exquisite designs in colours named after the flora that inspired its appeal. Bella has been lauded as a budget friendly innovation for homeowners that love the look of wood laminate but are hesitant to pay the price.

AGT Bella flooring comes in cool neutrals: Anemon, Lilyum, and Vegas; and warm wood tones: Akasya, Frezya and Mimoza. The planks have been specifically developed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind and are suitable for installation in any the room from the kitchen to the bedroom. The boards are 1200mm long and 193 mm wide, with a thickness of 8mm.

AGT has an international footprint, exporting from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Turkey across the globe to over 60 stores across 5 continents. The company embraces three core tenets within its business model: they value people, prize innovation and consider their impact on the environment, which is why Finfloor have actively decided to grow its AGT product offering.

But AGT has not compromised on its high standard in the production of the Bella range. As with all AGT products, the Bella range complies to the highest international manufacturing standards and has been rigorously tested according to European standards for laminate flooring. Bella flooring demonstrates a high level of heat and water resistance along the EN13329 standard. The Bella range also exhibits impact resistance and shrugs off stains helping it to retain its beauty in the long run, making it an excellent buy for the value-orientated homeowner.

The AGT Bella range has a rating of AC3, meaning that it is perfect for heavy domestic use, and is also fitting for light commercial applications. This visually striking range comes with a 10-year domestic warranty so homeowners can rest assured that their purchase today is fully insured in the future.

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FINfloor was established in 1996 and is a premium flooring importer that has been importing its laminate flooring from the same reputable factories ever since. With a proven track record for supplying quality flooring we have grown our ranges and diversified our product offering to include solid wood and vinyl flooring.

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