Benefits of ceiling fans even in winter

Although you might not be thinking about installing a ceiling fan in winter, you may be surprised to learn that they are useful in both warmer and colder months. A ceiling fan spinning counter-clockwise can reduce a room’s temperature by up to 8 degrees, but when they spin clockwise they can actually make a room feel warmer by pushing warmer air near the roof down, and whipping colder air up and away!

The Solent High Breeze 100 is perhaps one of their finest products, coming in a range of chic design options, including wooden and curved blades, and many different colours and finishes, to complement any room in your house.

Based in Durban, Solent is one of SA’s leading importers, manufacturers, and distributors of high-quality ceiling fans. With a long heritage and proud track record both locally and internationally, they are the trusted name in the industry and continue to provide outstanding, stylish products and unmatched service.

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