Finoak engineered hardwood flooring

FSC certified FINOAK wood flooring is manufactured in 3 variants, each differing in core makeup:

  • HDF core which uses a 2mm thick hardwood oak veneer over high density fibreboard, 
  • Multi-ply core which consists of a 3mm timber oak veneer over layers of laminated Eucalyptus, a fast growing tree
  • Three-ply core which utilizes a 3mm oak top face over a pine core. 

FINOAK uses only 2 – 3mm of oak thereby substantially reducing the environmental impact by using less of the precious wood than solid hardwood options.


Finfloor cares about our planet. Which is why we have introduced the natural and FSC certified wooden flooring range FINOAK to our product offerings. Buy with peace of mind knowing you are protecting our forests for future generations”

– Sasha Kozinsky (Director at Finfloor SA)


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    FINfloor was established in 1996 and is a premium flooring importer that has been importing its laminate flooring from the same reputable factories ever since. With a proven track record for supplying quality flooring we have grown our ranges and diversified our product offering to include solid wood and vinyl flooring.

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