Bothbest Chocolate Bamboo Panels

Unique color vertical grain of FSC certified laminated bamboo panel – Chocolate color is a much darker color than standard carbonized, by extending the carbonization time, nearly twice of standard carbonizing, and increasing the temperature to make bamboo very deep color tone, unique thermo treatment light charcoal-like color.

Vertical grain is side-pressed style, bamboo strips are turned on their side, then laid next to one another. Vertical provides a beautiful bamboo edge grain with very thin lines between each of the laminated strips. This allows for more lines within the pattern of the panels, and provides a board with a very consistent, even color.

Bamboo looks like wood, feels like wood, and cuts like wood. It even smells like wood. But bamboo is not wood, it is a fast-growing and sturdy tree-like grass, which is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

Bamboo panels have gained a lot of attention recently, especially among “green” building professionals and architects. Bamboo panels are multi-purpose building and decoration material because they are environmentally green, easy to mill, stable structure, adjustable dimension, consistent top quality, making it ideal for a wide range of uses including countertops, cabinets, desks, shelving, architectural panels, and much more.

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