Bothbest White Brushed Bamboo Flooring

All kinds of styles, colors, grains of bamboo flooring collection – Solid bamboo flooring (http://www.bambooflooringchina.com) has 2 basic colors – natural and caramel, very less choices for the customers who want to make a choice from a number of colors, similar like hardwood floors. Because of bamboo natural characteristic, color is obvious disadvantage rather than wood and laminate floor. Fortunately, the coating company helps bamboo factory expand the color series by putting a stain sealer in coating of bamboo flooring. The color is very inside of coating, not on top coat which could make bamboo floors decade after months.

Vertical grain is side-pressed style, bamboo strips are turned on their side, then laid next to one another. They are then glued and pressed together. Vertical offers a more uniform look than horizontal, and lacks the obviously visible nodes. Vertical boards give a much more linear look and are considered less durable than the layered, horizontal construction. This gives the floor more lines within the pattern, as well as a very consistent and even coloring.


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