Surviving the economic storm – evolve or perish


Just as evolution in animals dictates that only the fittest survive, a recession is the same leveller which dictates survival of the fittest in business. The economy always has and will always have ups and downs. It’s easy enough to flow with the good times, but ensuring that you come out of the tough times in one piece requires an aggressive evolution plan.


 Having been in the events business for the past 16 years, we’ve constantly had to evolve to stay with the times and maintain our leadership position. It’s vital to pro-actively recession-proof your business by driving innovation and efficiency. The key to growth is to never stop learning.


 If you look at how the world has changed in the last 10 years, compared to the progressions made in the last five years, its plain to see that change is happening more and more rapidly than ever before. If your business doesn’t continually stay in pace with change and evolve as a business, dead in the water.


 Why is it that a brand such as Samsung is taking global market leadership over such strong opposition? I believe it’s because they’re bringing technology to the market faster than competitors. This is a great example of two fundamental focusses of innovation and marketing being fully engaged to build business for the long term.


 Businesses have to a large degree been in survival mode. From an eventing perspective we’ve certainly evidenced the aftershock of the recession showing through in the most popular client event décor themes booked in the last quarter.  Many of them have been very colourful, vibrant and playful – demonstrating to us that South Africans have a need for fun and playfulness following the tough times we’ve all endured this year.


An important element in experiential marketing in our field is to create an experience that will give clients something unique to experience, talk about and remember. That is exactly we’ve recently launched at Unlimited Events Group.


A large part of our business revolves around clients and event planners coming through to our premises to hire event décor and accessories for both small and large scale events. Going beyond what we’ve offered in the past and to ensure we’re offering clients a fully experiential visit, we’ve taken our traditional hire showroom and created an environment similar to the concept behind going to Disneyland. At Disneyland everything is an experience. Whether you’re standing in line for a ride or shopping at one of their stalls, there is always some sort of experiential engagement happening.


 To enhance the entire client experience we conceptualised and constructed an ever-changing environment in the form of mock ‘rooms on view’, showcasing our various themes, décor and accessories in such a way that each setting engages client’s senses by allowing them to experience a walk through Magical Mystery Tour. 


Our Magical Mystery Tour will be unique to the country in that the ‘rooms on view’ will showcase various themes and décor options in full settings and will constantly be changed and updated to guarantee that we’re provoking thought and inspiring the imagination to what is possible for events. The tour aims to unlock the theatre of the mind and showcase to our clients the extent of what we have available for hire. Nowhere else is this sort of experience available to the local events industry.


To complete the experience, at the end of the tour clients can enjoy our new coffee shop where they and our highly experienced staff can brainstorm and conceptualise their dream event. 


As of this month we literally have a new business – a new appearance for the team, our fleet of vehicles and the premises. We’ve also installed an innovative rolling logistics system for removing hire inventory from stores – this assists staff an efficiency perspective as well as makes the task easier for female staff in moving heavy equipment from the warehouse to the delivery vehicles. These improvements not only converge to create a consolidated offering to clients, but engage powerful internal systems and puts staff solidarity at the forefront.


During ardent times don’t sit idle with a ‘wait and see’ mindset. It has never been more important for businesses to proactively evolve. By recognizing the latest trends, progressing your offering and will give your business the agility and flexibility needed to weather the storm.

Unlimited Events Group is today one of South African’s leading service providers to the events industry. Unlimited Events Group houses specialist event supply businesses including Unlimited Events Décor, Unlimited Hire, Unlimited Events Entertainment, Unlimited Balloons, Dipsy Dots Kids Parties, Unlimited Photos and ProBrush Hair & Beauty Salon.

Together these companies provide seamless integration of event décor design and hire, entertainment / teambuilding, sound and lighting, photography, make-up, hair and beauty, balloons and kids party solutions, ranging from 10 to 10 000 guests. Unlimited Events Group themes thousands of private and corporate events, product launches, weddings, year-end functions and conferences each year. Hard work, dedication and passion for innovative ideas has ensured that Unlimited Events Group is the preferred event solution supplier to a host of blue chip brands across the country and is rated by SEESA as a level 3  BEE company 



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