The Art of Draping – Turning Spaces into Events

Having worked in the event supply industry for almost two decades, experience in decorating hundreds of thousands of events has taught me the importance in achieving the right setting for a successful event. One of the most thrilling parts of planning an event is the creative process in transforming ordinary spaces into magical worlds.

To achieve a dramatic transformation, skill is required to creatively conceal unappealing walls, doors, ceilings and fittings or take raw, unusual and plain spaces and convert them into world-class event settings.

The look and feel of any venue sets the tone of the event and often times, dull and lifeless venues need an overhaul to get it up to standard for hosting guests. During trying economic times, budgets are strained and often times smaller or less conventional venues become an opportunity, however a fair amount of transformation is then required to get the space to the right look and feel.

Having completed over 2 100 events in 2015, common problems we see our clients face include:


  • The venue is well suited overall however in some areas there are unsightly exit signs, shabby windows, stages or structures
  • The venue is suitable but needs a completely different look and feel to fit in with the event theme
  • The venue’s ceiling is way too high for a soft, intimate feel
  • The décor in the venue is plain or out-dated and lacks the wow factor
  • There is no walkway to guide guests into the venue
  • There is no place for feature lighting

Nine times out of ten, the solution to these issues is specialised draping. It’s fascinating however that within the event industry, skilled draping is one of the vital specialties that can get overlooked by service providers and clients. Professional and creative draping is an essential catalyst in venue transformation. How would you even start to transform an old gymnasium into a winter wonderland or make a conference ballroom into a street carnival? The secret is in the draping.

Whether transforming small, ordinary spaces or making a massive hall feel charming, creative draping creates the canvas for your event mood.  Through the clever use of draping to lower ceilings and create up-lit walls with washes of colour, you instantly transform unassuming spaces into elegant and exciting zones. Draping provides the ability to create an element of depth, mood, and sophistication while making spacious rooms more intimate to suit a smaller number of guests, create corridors, chill zones or lounge areas in larger rooms for the ultimate wow factor.

For example, I love creating a tunnel entrance into special events – when guests stand at the entrance they have no idea what they might find at the end of the tunnel. This creates allure, adventure and a touch of fantasy, which all guests love.  Draping provides so many creative options to create rooms, dividers, dropped ceilings, bridal tables, ambient lighting backdrops and skylines to encase just about any event theme you can think of.


Draping is a dependable way to completely revitalise a space and allows you to create almost supernatural surroundings to convince guests that they’re in a magical place in time.  With the right imaginative designers, skilled and experienced draping staff you literally can pull off events nothing short of spectacular on all counts.


About Unlimited Events Group

After 17 successful years in business, Unlimited Events Group is today one of South African’s leading service providers to the events industry. Unlimited Events Group houses specialist event supply businesses including Unlimited Events Décor, Unlimited Hire, Unlimited Events Entertainment, Unlimited Balloons, Dipsy Dots Kids Parties, Unlimited Photos and ProBrush Hair & Beauty Salon. Together they provide seamless integration of event décor design and hire, entertainment / teambuilding, sound and lighting, photography, make-up, hair and beauty, balloons and kids party solutions, ranging from 10 to 10 000 guests. Unlimited Events themes thousands of private and corporate events, product launches, weddings, year-end functions and conferences each year. Hard work, dedication and passion for innovative ideas has ensured that Unlimited Events Group is the preferred event solution supplier to many blue chip brands across the country and is rated by SEESA as a level 3  BEE company.

For further information on Unlimited Events Group visit www.unlimitedevents.co.za  or find them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/UnlimitedEventsGroup  


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