The Power of Pink

While some may consider pink as a décor colour exclusively reserved for little girls’ rooms and wouldn’t use it for any other room in the house, pink has a rich and interesting décor history and together with other bold colours has been coming back in the last few years and making for some spectacular schemes in interior design.

Pink can be traced back to the first lady of the United States, Mamie Eisenhower who popularised the colour in the 1950s after World War 2, when she used it throughout the White House, even earning the exclusive residence the nickname – Pink Palace. Pink was an international departure from grey scale colour schemes associated with wartime modesty and solemnity. That decade, some 5 million homeowners used pink to decorate their homes.

Today, not many would consider pink to be trendy, most homeowner gravitate towards neutral shades, but the pretty blush hue is a great colour to use to add dimension and depth to a space. In the bathroom it is said to promote inner peace and give the interior a subtle, cosy glow. We created this bathroom to show homeowners how they can achieve this look in their own homes if they are feeling bold and a bit bored with neutral colour schemes.

We chose a soft blush shade as a feature and added a terrazzo floor, which is made with chips of marble, quartz, granite, or even glass set into a matrix of concrete or epoxy resin. The chips can be different sizes and the matrix can be almost any colour you can imagine, which makes for a myriad of design possibilities. The terrazzo floor gives a fun edge to our pink feature wall. Then we added a pastel blue vanity to complement the main colour and to break up any potential monotony.

We added Bathroom Butler bathroom accessories and a heated towel rail whose natural colour in the stunning stainless steel finish adds to the overall cosy feel and self-love.

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Established 35 years ago, Bathroom Butler is a family owned business that manufactures top of the range bathroom accessories and heated towel rails in line with the dynamic demands of the market. Bathroom Butler prides itself in being the market leader in engineering excellence and cutting edge technology. With a business ethos that pivots on traditional family values and perpetual innovation we aim to provide top of the range quality products that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable for a greener environment. Experience for yourself the coveted features our products boast.

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