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Matt Black Basin Mixers

The bathroom is no longer the boring, functional space that has the “third wheel” or “odd one out” reputation that

Veil Freestanding Bath

Imagine a bride’s veil, delicate and soft, with flowing fabric and curved lines. This is the inspiration behind the Veil


KOHLER has added a new Artist Editions® sink to its selection of inspired lavatories for the bathroom, this one hand-crafted

Real Rain

Real Rain showerheads rival nature Real Rain bears impressive similarity to nature with different droplet sizes, different drop rates and


Components is a full collection for the contemporary bathroom that speaks to the many facets of modern design. Every element,

Heated Towel Rails

Bathroom Butler range of energy efficient heated towel rails provide deliciously warm, dry towels and beautiful storage solutions – truly

Mosaic Tiles

Some describe mosaic tiles as being beautiful, others cheerful, whilst others describe them as being a touch whimsical. In reality,

Shower Revolution

The humble shower is finally joining the technology revolution with help from Graff Faucets. Shower settings, In shower music, LED

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