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Our Valentine’s Ode to all the luxe we heart so much.

While wandering around one of our showrooms the other day, with major heart eyes for all the loveliness around us, we said to each other: “So if you were to ask one of these products to be your Valentine, which would it be?” Honestly? We couldn’t choose. Our astonishingly beautiful Newdecò terrazzo-look tiles? Our range of XXLs? Our deeply decadent Dado and Victoria and Albert baths? (Major contenders!) Our exceptional, cutting edge Laufen loos? Or our superb Zack Atore accessories? Or our artisanal natural stone cladding? Or our lovely local tiles?

 Newdecò Terrazzo-style tiles

There’s a love song in our hearts and it goes like this: Terrazzo, glorious Terrazzo!

Created for the nobility of Venice during the High Renaissance, this was once an opulent and decorative aggregation of marble and mother-of-pearl chips embedded in concrete and polished to a sparkling sheen.

 Today, the Terrazzo trend has hit the design world hard. On floors, walls, countertops, wallpaper patterns, fruit bowls, flatware, bed linen and shower curtains. It has found a home at Italtile, in the shape of Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s New Decò; a magnificent remastering of the art of Terrazzo in high end porcelain tiles, available in 5 fabulously flecked options: Dark, Grey, Fire, Pearl and Patchwork.


 Dado and V+ A: our bathing beauties

A divine soak in a gorgeous tub is self-love at its most decadent, amiright? And Italtile’s Dado and V+A tubs are just what the love doctor prescribes for a hurting heart. Our Dado supermodels are cast from an incredibly durable smooth, stone-like substrate called Dadoquartz®, with all the silky feels. Swoon.

 V+A baths are world-renowned for their heart-stoppingly exquisite, classic proportions and unashamedly luxurious, state-of-the-art Quarrycast®, finished by hand. Talking of hands, come in and touch them. These right royal models fell amost warm and alive under your touch. Faint.

Warndon Bath

 Future-facing Laufen loos

So, Laufen is another word for ‘perfection’. Honestly. These Swiss sanware masters are known for being two steps ahead of the curve, often collaborating with award-winning designers creating green sanware in line with a world looking for sustainable solutions in smaller living spaces. You’ll love the Laufen Pro range, or their Palace range, but there’s so much more to adore instore or online.

 The XXL trend

This is big love personified. Another good example of a trend that became a look. Large format tiles have conquered the world’s style capitals, and they are huge here, too. Baltimore screed-style tiles (1200×1200), Bayona marble-look lovelies (2400×2400), 750×1500 Nox authentic oxidised metal-look tiles, Marvel Calacatta marble-look slabs (1200×2400), New Decò terrazzo-look tiles (1200×1200)… the list is literally too long to publish here. Of course, you need to know how to handle this kind of big love. So we suggest you take advantage of our professional delivery and installation services.

Marvel Pro

Totes adorbs Atore

Everyone knows we’re about tiles, but actually we’re about so much more; one of our current crushes is the exceptional Zack Atore accessory range. Very German. Very modern. Manufactured from the highest grade stainless steel and available in mirror sheen or brushed perfection, only at Italtile. Get ready for a long-lasting love affair, because all Atore accessories come with a 5 year guarantee.

Atore Accessories

 Stone cladding – when love goes au naturel

Natural stone cladding, once traditionally only used on outdoor walls, has come home to adorn feature walls and fireplace surrounds. Undefeated champion of au naturel chic, natural stone cladding really dials up those luxury bush lodge vibes with all the texture and tone of our beloved lowveld landscapes.

 Love local

Sometimes you can travel all around the world looking for love, when actually it was right here, under your nose, all long. That’s how we feel about our local lovelies – Spazio and Torre porcelain tiles. Drop-dead-gorgeous homegrown value for price sensitive tile-ophiles. Is that an actual word? Well, it is at Italtile!

At Italtile, there’s always so much more to adore, and we can’t wait to share the love with you. So whether you’re longing for tiles, taps, sanware, showers, baths, basins, sinks, mosaics, mirrors or accessories, visit us instore or online and we’ll help you look for your perfect match.

Love with your whole heart and live beautifully. Ciao!

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