Winter-Inspired Design Trends

Increase the Warmth in Your Home with These Wintertime Looks

Winter interior design trends focus on natural elements and a sense of cosiness. Whether you bring that cosiness into your home using natural materials, or warm and bright colours like a rustic pink, is up to you.

Warm Colours for Winter

Though the traditional warm colour palette includes reds, oranges, yellows, and golds, you will actually find that dark tones can make your home feel warmer and cosier all the same. Try a midnight blue for your walls and then brighten it up with metallics or warm reds. Try to keep the darker colours for areas you want to snuggle up in, and leave areas you want bright – like your kitchen – in a warm neutral like cream.

Budget-Friendly Room Warmers

Beautiful ceiling fans can do wonders to improve the design of a room and add warmth. They work by pushing the hot air which naturally rises back towards the floor. Other budget friendly room warmers include rugs, heavy curtains, and even tapestries.

Cozy Design Trends

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up and remain indoors, and therefore your winter-inspired interior design must encapsulate what makes you feel warm and snuggly.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are great for grounding your interior design and helping you relax. Studies have shown that a relationship with nature is essential for our well being. By bringing in natural elements, like metals, woods, or houseplants, you can improve the cosiness of your home and can achieve this easily by introducing a ceiling fan into the decor. 

Top Trending Ideas

If you want something unique and fun to add to your winter-inspired interior design, try these top two trends:


Add a pop of colour to your room by adding a bold ceiling fan –  check out this fan 

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