Avant Garde Farm House

The brief set out by the developer client was to design a speculative house, located in Serengeti Golf

& Wildlife Estate, with an unknown buyer in mind. The project had thus two clients, a very tangible

and financially responsive client who had no intention of inhabiting the residence, and a second

client who was unknown, but who would ultimately have to be excited about the design, have needs

provided for and be able to afford it. 

In the developer clients own words, he requested the design to have “street appeal, clean lines and

resemble long architecture”. With this in mind the design set out to articulate the various forms and

layers of the design. Emphasis was to be placed on horizontality by maintaining elongated surfaces

and long planes with various materials. The site required the design to showcase two street

elevations from which the residence would be experienced from the public street. 

The client required the new single residence to embody its own identity while the estate guidelines

required an integrated design to fit within the greater surrounding neighbourhood. 

Emphasis was to be placed on form, scale, mass and proportion with a high regard to contrast,

texture and materiality which was to be accentuated. 

Upon entering African Property Awards (Architecture) Competition held in Dubai, this design won

Highly Commended for Architecture Single Residence in South Africa.

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