DIY cottage-style shutters

Here’s how to make your mock interior shutters. You’re used to seeing decorative shutters on the exteriors of houses, but we brought a pair of them indoors. They’re the perfect architectural detail for this seaside-inspired room.

DIY cottage-style shutters

1. To create a set of shutters, first measure your window to determine the sizes of the parts. Then cut eight pine planks 20 x 100mm wide (four for each shutter) to your desired length. You’ll also need to cut battens (the horizontal boards) from the PAR pine planks.

DIY cottage-style shutters

2. Cut all your PAR pine planks to length. Your local Builders Warehouse stocks a selection of PAR pine and I have found that it’s best to go to the contractor’s area at the back and ask for what I need, as not all their stock is on the shelf. You can use a mitre saw, jigsaw, Dremel Saw Max or handsaw to cut your planks to equal length.

DIY cottage-style shutters

3. Before assembly, take the time to sand all the cut edges and smooth the surface for a nice finish. On the edges start with 120-grit sandpaper, and you might also need to use 120-grit on the surface as well, depending on how well the planks have been cut. Finish off with 240-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.

DIY cottage-style shutters

4. Attach the battens by driving screws through the backs of the boards.

5. If you are painting the shutters, apply a coat of universal or wood primer to block the surface and then apply two coats of acrylic PVA with a paintbrush or foam roller, or get yourself a can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in flat, semi-gloss or gloss. Since the shutters were painted to match the room’s trim, they blend in perfectly. The shutters have a classic look that makes them a great addition to any cottage-style space.

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