GSA laminate glass protects furniture and fabrics from sun damage.

The wonderful South African sun is one of the reasons why we have big windows and glass doors that let natural light in. However, our furniture gets sun damage in the process but we don’t seem to know or do much about it. Petro Heyns, Sales consultant of The Mill Fabrics explained, “Colour fastness of fabrics are especially affected by the African sun, much more so than in European environments.” Using glass that protects against fabric decay should be an important part of your home.

GSA and PFG have designed a kind of glass that reduces both the intensity of the sun and provides temperature control through thermal insulation. Their laminated double glazed glass is designed to reduce glare whist proving enough natural light to keep your home bright and well lit. “When you talk about UV control, all laminated glass products do that. This laminated glass has however been designed with the new energy legislation in mind that has been passed. This laminated glass encompasses a reflective coating which reflects short wave radiation from the sun whilst the added low e-coating helps to eliminate heat transfer through conduction and convection,” explained GSA Project Director, Kevin Swart.

We hardly consider how or why our favourite couch faded from brown to beige, why our favourite leather recliner suddenly formed cracks or why the cherry wood chest of drawers we recently purchased has dark marks where we place our high school memorabilia.

Whether placed under or near a window where direct contact with the sun is possible, the quality of your furniture can deteriorate. It’s important to take necessary measures that help slow down the effects of your furniture aging. Though covered by brick and concrete, the furniture in your home is not necessarily safe from the powerful effects of UV Ray sun damage. Lorna Bailey, Founder of The Mill Fabrics affirmed, “Sun damage can cause synthetic leathers to crack. Textiles, especially textiles with natural fiber compositions such as linen or silk, tend to fade faster.” 

Exposure to harmful UV Ray light is not the only factor involved in fabric colour decay. Humidity and temperature also contribute, however the sun causes the most harm. And because sitting in darkened rooms while attempting to enjoy a book or spending time with loved ones is not an ideal, installing specialised window fittings that help reduce the extent and rate at which furniture fades. That’s why GSA’s laminate glass fittings are, “A good all round performance product to make your home more comfortable in both summer and winter,” Swart continued.

The fabrics and upholstery you buy, much like your household appliances, are investments made with the promise that they’ll last for years. However, if you fail to protect them from damage, these items can lose their appeal or functionality. Using a solution that provides long lasting effectiveness and cost savings on replacements as well as high utility bills is beneficial. Moreover, changing your curtains, blinds and fabrics every 5 years will cost much more than installing and maintaining GSA’s laminate glass. With a 15 year limited warranty on all its laminated glass solutions, GSA glass will afford you, and your furniture, protection for a very long time, and at a much lower cost.

To find out more about GSA’s laminate glass visit the GSA website at www.gsa.co.za , send an email to info@gsa.co.za or call 0860 695 695.

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