How to love your blinds

Let’s talk about how to love your blinds, because a little love goes a long way in maintaining their good looks… 

You’ve invested in blinds and have a general idea for how to keep them well maintained; with this you probably have a brief check list of all the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for your stunning new window dressing. But… a check list of all the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of maintaining your blinds can easily get you wrapped up in just the big things such as: how to clean them, the a warranty, the durability… It’s easy to over look a few smaller things that can equally contribute to keeping your blinds in stunning condition.

1. Use your blinds correctly, always:

This seems like an obvious one, who doesn’t know how to use their blinds?? The keyword here is correctly. As home-owners we have a good idea of how to operate our blinds, but at times we tend to them so regularly that we forget a small step in the right way of operating them.

For example: If you have venetian blinds always remember to tilt them to the open position before lifting them to enjoy a stream of sunlight or an amazing view. Why is this important? It reduces the amount of friction on the cords and slats and extends the lifespan of your blind.

2. You don’t always, always need to open your blinds:

And that’s the beauty in having them! Think about how often you’ve been met with the unsightly view of the one side of your blinds hanging unevenly lopsided in your window (Venetian blinds being the biggest culprits).

Venetian Blinds will always hang slightly lower on the one side that on the other when lifted up, this cannot be avoided. A way around this is to use Venetian blinds mainly in the down position and to tilt slats to control light. Why is this important? Keeping the blinds closed means you have less frustrations trying to pen them out level and less of a chance of jamming the cord potentially causing damage. Of course another alternative is to consider Roller blinds, which open more level than Venetians or to motorise you blinds.

3. Motorising for maintenance: 

Admittedly this is not such a “little” point, but very worthwhile to consider. You can find more information on the motorisation options on the Blind Designs motorised blinds product page, instead let’s focus on one function in motorisation called the “MY” function. The MY button on your remote will take the blind to your favourite open slat position, up will close one way, down will close the other way. Why is this important? While variety is the spice of life, when it comes to how your blinds should be operated consistency is key. Consistency in operating your blinds can assure a longer lasting window life.

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