How to upload articles

How to upload articles:

  1. Step one – Sign in (if you so not have an account- refer to “how to sign up”)
  2. Step two – click on one of the categories you would like to add an article to
  3. Step three – click add an item to this category
  4. Step four – add a headline
  5. Step five – choose a category you would like your article to appear in
  6. Step six – add any extra information about the company and article here incase anyone wants to find out more info
  7. Step seven – add tag words (these need to be thought through quite carefully as they will enable your article to be found. For examples open a new tab and click on the tag cloud in that particular category to get an idea of what tags already exist)
  8. Step eight – add a picture that will represent your article (see help on “how to add a picture” below)
  9. Step nine – copy your copy into a programme like Notebook or TextEdit to remove all html in the text.
  10. Step ten – copy and paste this in the text box. Check spacing.
  11. Step eleven – you can edit your text in this text box using any of these editing tools, size, font, colour, placing
  12. Step twelve – check that everything is correct and in the right place.
  13. Step thirteen – scroll to the top of the page and click submit. (be careful not to click the submit button more than once-it will publish it more than once)
  14. Step fourteen – once the article is submitted it will indicate at the top that it has been submitted and you can click “close”
  15. Remember if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact the DesignMind team on 011 525 9380


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