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We have all noticed how shopping experiences change from season to season with a similarity across products, styles and colour

New kid on the block

London’s highest tower, The Shard, is put under the spotlight by Walls and Roofs. When driving through the streets of

Mounted gutter garden DIY

You may have a small, unused space outside that you’ve been meaning to plant a flower patch or small herb

Maintenance Paving

On site, supervised service providers of: -Removal of dirt and grime -Removal of stains and treatment of oil stains -Treating

The psychology of acoustics

Acoustical office design can have a profound effect on workers’ productivity and overall well-being. Case study: Why acoustics in offices

Insitu Palisade Walling

moladi launches new palisade security walling system The moladi walling system is simply cast with steel reinforcing placed at predetermined

A South African housing innovation

A South African housing innovation Tony Stone, a little sceptical, investigated this low-cost housing innovation and came away pleasantly surprised

Furniture Renovation

Why not restore a piece of furniture that’s sentimental to you instead of buying a new piece of furniture? Below,

Tracking the African future

Listen to Daniel Silke’s presentation about the interest and unique window of opportunity that Africa presents us. We are at

Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a hollow cross-section, no seams around the long bar of steel. Seamless steel ingot made of

Bavaria Air-Conditioning

Bavaria Air-Conditioning Bavaria Air Conditioning is supported with our own Service department, providing quick and efficient after sales support during

Installing Access Flooring

Recently we have been asked questions on the installation of access flooring that we could not answer, so we approached

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