Alternative Building Technology – moladi


Alternative Building Technology – moladi


The Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission Council (PICC) resolution (approved by the Cabinet) requires 60% of government’s social infrastructure buildings to be constructed from ABTs by 2017. This decision is based on the assertion by the CSIR Built Environment division that ABTs can offer significant savings in building time and costs.

moladi has a proven track record spanning nearly 30 years and implemented in more than 20 countries. moladi is an award winning lightweight plastic formwork system that functions as a mould to cast structures in place (CIP-Cast In Place). This process allows for structures of any height to be cast in a day, eliminating the use of bricks or blocks (masonry).

The speed of moladi construction process reduces the cost, making homes affordable. Standard Bank, ABSA and FNB will grant bonds (mortages) on homes built with moladi.


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