moladi invited to Abu Dhabi

Hennie Botes - Abu Ahabi

moladi invited to present in Abu Dhabi

 Hennie Botes - Abu Ahabi

Hennie Botes CEO of moladi in Abu Dhabi

Through creative engineering and sophisticated manufacturing, moladi aims to advance living standards and spaces affordably. moladi is an advanced building technology that utilises an innovative re-usable plastic formwork system to reduce the required skills to produce quality affordable homes and other structures that are socially acceptable by speeding up delivery and thus reducing cost. By emulating the methodology of the automotive assembly line, moladi implements the principles applied by Henry Ford; reducing cost by increasing production output by de-skilling the production operation, making homes affordable.

 The most significant advantage moladi has over the precast industry is the fact that one does not need huge upfront capital to invest in a plant. This number can be as high as Twenty million Euro (€ 20 million) and can take up to three years before the first panel is produced. With moladi, the investment in the “plant” is the formwork and this can be as little as $20,000 and can be opperational on site within a month or two depending on shipping times.

The other major advantages of moladi as a “plant” over the use of traditional precast plants, was highlighted during the conference – moladi can be moved from location to a new location simply and easily by truck, and depending on distance, in a day. Should the quantity of homes required increase, so can the number of “moulds” be increased to keep pace with the production schedule. The cost of the investment in a moladi “plant” can be written of for as little as 10 homes or villas. It is obviously not feesable to invest and erect a precast plant to produce 10 units.

It was highlighted during the conference that the  moladi formwork construction technology does not need the expensive investment of cranes on site 

Hennie Botes, CEO of moladi, is a keen inventor, entrepreneur and born philanthropist. As the designer of the multi award winning moladi housing technology, he has gained more than 29 years of experience in the building industry. Having travelled extensively, Hennie has a broad based understanding of the challenges that face affordable housing throughout the world and has unique insight into how business and governments can work together to eradicate the global housing shortage. In addition to driving the success of the moladi technology, Hennie continues to provide consulting services to governments, advisers and institutions internationally.


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