Bookshelf Headboard

The headboard is one of the features that, besides being practical and functional, can also serve as a decorative element for the bedroom. If functionality is what you’re looking for on a headboard, one that has built-in storage can turn out to be ideal.

Bookshelf headboards are popular for their practical and space-efficient designs. But finding the perfect balance between useful storage and simplicity can be a real challenge. That’s where a DIY headboard gives you the ability to decide what you want to store/display and customise accordingly.

The best part of the process is that DIY storage headboards are not difficult to make, and it takes just a small dose of creativity to turn them into unique masterpieces.

The most popular and simplest of them are standard bookshelf headboards, as the only thing you need to do is to push the bed against a regular bookshelf strategically placed next to the wall. The result will be amazingly beautiful, and you’ll still get to store all of your accessories and books.


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