Bring your garden indoors

One of the hottest trends of 2019 is contrasting stark black or dark-toned walls with the striking natural green hues of indoor plants.

Not only is it an aesthetic dream, but it’s also beneficial to your overall health and wellness, with plants functioning as natural filters for all manner of air pollutants. Additionally, indoor plants have been shown to help reduce stress, foster positive feelings, and increase productivity! Functional décor? Count us in!

To help you find your green thumb, we’ve explored 4 ways for you to add a touch of green to your living space.

Embracing the overgrown look

If you’re into the indoor jungle aesthetic, it’s all about quantity and volume of plants and foliage! Packing your spaces with a profusion of thick, leafy plants is a great way to cultivate this overgrown aesthetic, and contrasting size and scale of different types of plants, in different sized pots, will really bring out that ‘wild’ look. You might want to opt for a range of different ferns and philodendrons to achieve this.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Hanging out

One of the most enticing aspects of creating an indoor garden is being able to enjoy and appreciate the marvellous forms and colours of nature. Creating hanging installations or eccentric terrariums for your little green friends is a great way to accentuate these natural states, whilst utilising quirky hanging planters and oddments as homes for your plants that really complement your style. Bonsai trees, moss, bamboo palms, and bird’s nest ferns are ideal for this look.

Birds Nest Fern Mossball
Nuno Indoor Plants

A green shrine

If you’re short on space in your home or apartment, the most practical way to create your own green indoor sanctuary is to design a small sitting space (even just a chair or recliner) encircled by tall plants at various heights to surround you in a little biosphere of serenity. The taller plants will really help to designate this space in the house and give it a distinctive green ‘screen’ that separates this space from the chaos. Asparagus ferns, button ferns, or ficus lyrata (fiddle-leafs) trees are great choices.

Succulent Fiddle Fig Plants

Woodland portal

If you’re lucky enough to have a big bay window or some other portal-like recess in your home, transforming it into some kind of wooded wonderland really is as simple as filling it up with an array of plants. Not only with this create a sense of privacy from the outside, whilst giving your plants as much light as they need, but it will give you that feeling of being ensconced in nature. Hanging plants such as ivy or star jasmine are particularly suited for this, but you can also opt for delicious monsters, silver lace ferns, or whatever catches your eye!

Natal Ivy-Hanging Nursery Pot
The Garden Shop

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