Igneous Panel Application used for Unique Seating Areas at Prestigious 11 Alice Lane

11 Alice Lane is yet another impressive building situated in the prime Sandton area. The development is comprised of three phases. The first phase was completed in 2013 and is now occupied. Phase two is currently underway with completion set for September 2014, and phase three will be set to follow.

Phase one of the building has been awarded a 4-star Green Star SA rating, and the developers, a joint venture between Abland, Standard Bank Properties and Pivotal Properties, are committed to the goal of phases two and three achieving Green Star SA ratings as well. They hope to create the first Green Star rated precinct in the area.

The development, which is situated on the corner of Fifth Street and Alice Lane with a portion on Fredman Drive, will be a combination of office and retail space. Apart from the current tenants of phase one, the building is also now home to one of Virgin Active’s flagship clubs. To add to the convenient environment being created for tenants in the building, the three phases, which will in fact be three separate office towers, will be joined by a pedestrian friendly piazza which will consist of retail stores and restaurants.

Paragon Architects have given their creative talents to designing the unique aesthetics and layout of the building. The facade of phase one includes aluminium on all panels, and this will follow into phase two. It has been said that phase three will have a full glass facade, and will act as the centre piece of the development soaring even higher than phases one and two.

The first phase includes an open atrium that is centrally situated between the current tenants. This atrium not only allows natural light to gleam through into the offices, but also gives a tranquil area filled with planting, seating and a breathtaking view of the surrounding Sandton area, for tenants to enjoy. Insite Landscape Architects in collaboration with Paragon Architects, wished to include Igneous Concrete’s panel application to combine a unique seating aspect with the planted areas.

These polyconcrete panels are pre-cast in varying sizes of straight and curved shapes, and are bonded onto concrete walls built on site. The high  strength-light weight combination of our material lends itself to the aesthetics and functionality of such applications, and the smooth elegant finish contributes to the high-end finishes throughout the building. Insite approached us with a design comprised of linear and amoeba-shaped seating areas, of which our polyconcrete panels cover on all the horizontal faces. These benches enclose planted areas of grass, trees and brightly coloured flowers, and are spread across the atrium. Our products fully weather resistant and water repellent properties also lend themselves perfectly to the outdoor environment, and required longevity of such an application. Our experienced installation team travelled from KwaZulu Natal to carry out the installation of the panels, and strived to ensure the highest quality finish and service that has come to be expected from Igneous Concrete.

On the far open side of the atrium where the largest amoeba-shaped benches are situated, one will also find our polyconcrete Organic Ottomans, Elongated Organic Ottomans, and Curved Organic Ottomans, all combined in an arrangement to mimic the same linear and curved concept and lines of the panel-benches. The chosen white shade of all these products shows off of the timber flooring and natural green shades of the surrounding vegetation in a beautiful and clean style.

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