Pebble Range and Pots finish Mogale City’s New Enticing Cradlestone Mall

Located in the heart of Mogale City, the new super-regional Cradlestone Mall opened in November 2013. Cradlestone Mall has offered a vast variety of retail, restaurant and leisure experiences, creating an exciting and modern shopping destination for consumers. The 76 000 square metre mall is owned and developed by Sasol Pension Fund, Pivotal Property Fund and Retail Africa.

The retail centre was inspired by and is located near the World Heritage Site of the Cradle of Humankind. Bentel Associates International are the architectural firm behind the well thought out and designed centre. Jan Loubser, Director at Bentel Associates International, has through their companies official website explained that they designed the centre to imitate the evolutionary finds that the Cradle is known for. Jan goes on to explain that the centre’s various contemporary design elements reflect this look, and that the floors, ceilings, facade elements, roof-scapes and entrances all reflect earth’s internal layers through colour and jagged-like shapes and lines.

To continue with and add to the unique design and concept of the centre, Bentel Associates’ Interior Department incorporated Igneous Concrete’s standard range of polyconcrete Pebble Seating through the internal areas of all three levels of the centre. These natural, organic, pebble-like styled seating options compliment the concept and theme being carried throughout the design of the centre. Forty four Elongated Pebble Seats, fourteen Triangulated Pebble Seats, and ten Rounded Pebble Ottomans, were incorporated into the internal areas throughout the centre in groupings arranged with a combination of each seat. The Pebble Seats were manufactured in two different colours, chosen by the architects from our standard colour palette. The total quantity of seats were evenly manufactured in our “powder grey” and “sandstone” shades. These natural “earthy” hues contributed further to the concept behind the design of the centre, and architect’s vision in incorporating the Pebble Seats used.

Certain entrances to the centre called for large scale pots that followed through with and extended the same finish and concept. Twelve of our standard glass fibre  reinforced polyconcrete (GRP) 1.5m Diameter Off-Round Pots in “powder grey”, were specified by Insite Landscape Architects, and installed and planted by the  appointed Life Landscapes.

Further to the soft organic designs and colours chosen for the seating and pots, the Igneous Concrete smooth, natural and elegant finish successfully adds to the envisioned natural themes and finishes, while at the same time also ensures a modern high-end, yet timeless, look and feel.

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