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Miele’s new K 20.000 series of fridges and freezers boast a modern design without visible handles, top-class specifications and low consumption – and what’s more; they offer an incredibly convenient design feature that allows you to jot down important or inspiring communication on the door of the fridge that can be shared with the whole family.

Miele’s K 20.000 series comprises refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezer combinations. All models boast an A++ or A+++ rating for best-in-market energy efficiency. Liam Gawne from Miele explains that these units offer excellent value for money: “Not only does the K 20.000 refrigeration range from Miele set the benchmark when it comes to offering a combination of high energy efficiency, an elegant appearance and clever features, but like all Miele appliances, they have also been designed, manufactured and tested to last for a minimum of 20 years offering outstanding value for money and peace of mind.”

Miele’s K 20.000 refrigeration series include some of the following standout features:

The Black Board models: Even though this product is part of an extensive designer range, they were also designed with young families in mind. Shopping list, school timetable, and forthcoming doctors’ appointments – all readily visible in many families because they are stuck to the door of a refrigerator using fridge magnets. Miele now offers a solution that is as practical as it is stylish: the Blackboard Edition fridge-freezer. The door on the Blackboard Edition can be written on with school chalk or liquid chalk markers, and it is incredibly easy to clean.

The Glass Fronts: Models with a glossy glass surfaces in Brilliant White and Obsidian Black are also new to the series. These sit alongside classic surface finishes in white and stainless steel. The models are straight-laced and puristic in design, and therefore blend in seamlessly with contemporary, high-end kitchens.

Handle-less design: Miele has dispensed with visible handles in the K 20.000 series – offering seamless visual integration with handle-less cabinetry design. Instead of the traditional handles, a recessed handle with assisted opening action (Click2open) guarantees ease of operation, even when the door is opened several times in quick succession. Explains Liam: “The Click2open technology offers excellent user convenience – simply push the front of the fridge or freezer door with your finger, and the door opens automatically.”

Touchscreen operation: For the first time, you can operate your fridge or freezer the same way you operate your smart phone – the new model series features a TFT colour display and touch controls, geared to match the design of Miele’s Generation 6000 range of kitchen appliances.

The CompactCase drawer: Miele is treading new ground in terms of the convenience, even when it comes to the small things. A tube of mustard, a small jar of spice paste or a bar of yoghurt chocolate – the majority of small items have a tendency to become lost in a large refrigerator or clutter up the door racks. Now, they can be neatly stored in a protected environment in the new CompactCase drawer that can be conveniently housed on any of the refrigerator’s rack levels.

Versatile lighting: All freestanding units feature energy-saving LED lighting that gradually brightens when the door is opened – a feature that is exclusive to Miele. FlexiLight provides uniform and non-glare lighting with light sources along the front edge of glass shelves where they cannot be covered or obstructed. Thanks to side electrical contacts at each shelf level, glass shelves can easily be relocated, taking their light source with them as they go in order, for example, to create space for a large gateau. And the whole subject of lighting is rounded off on fridge-freezer combinations by freezer lighting. This is located along the lower edge of the refrigerator door, providing illumination for the drawers below.

Enduring freshness: Depending on the model, a variety of systems are available that are aimed at extending the storage life of food and keeping produce fresh for longer. With the new DailyFresh function, moisture in the vegetable drawer can be regulated separately, improving the storage of fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to this, PerfectFresh and PerfectFresh Pro both reduce the temperature, resulting in fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and milk products staying fresh for considerably longer.

Other features in Miele’s K 20.000 series include:

  • ComfortClean: Miele ComfortClean door shelves are made from high-quality SAN plastic and are scratchproof, resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures. They can be easily and hygienically cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • DynaCool: In addition to temperature, air humidity is also an important factor for maintaining perfect storage conditions of food and wine. With Dynamic cooling, an integrated fan uniformly circulates the air for optimum distribution of temperature and air humidity.
  • NoFrost: Miele’s intelligent frost-free system, NoFrost, prevents the interior of the freezer from icing up. The drawers can be slid in and out without any problems and without a layer of ice to hinder them. Also, circulating air within the freezer ensures that ice does not form over frozen food.
  • VarioRoom: You can increase the size of the freezer section as needed, thanks to the variable space design, VarioRoom. This is very useful if you ant to store large frozen items, for instance. The drawers and glass shelves can be easily removed so you can create as much space as you need in no time at all.
  • SoftClose: Refrigerator and freezer doors with Miele’s SoftClose automatically close when they are at an angle of 30 degrees or less. Now there is no more need for clinking bottles in the door shelves, as the doors close firmly, but gently every time. Even the PerfectFresh drawers within the refrigerator boast SoftClose technology – they can be pulled out particularly far, and then with one gentle touch, they will close softly and automatically.
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