Non-perishable Living Moss-The future of plant inspired interiors

Bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors is not a new innovation in interior design. Flowers, small trees and vines are still the most widely featured aspects of nature-art that bring colour into your spaces. Though they have beautifying and air purifying features, indoor plants can become a bit too much to maintain. They need water, air and light; the sort of attention most of us hardly have enough of to share between work and social commitments. The BenettiMOSS moss tile by Benetti Stone may very be the indoor plant of the future. “BenettiMOSS is a much more easy way to create vertical green gardens. It doesn’t need any preparation before installation, it doesn’t need to be watered nor pruned and it doesn’t need sunlight,” said Margherita De Gaudenzi, for Benetti Stone.

This innovative bio-technology is made of an ecologic resin base with natural moss implanted inside for indoor use. BenettiMOSS is completely eco-friendly, without any chemicals or toxic substances used in its manufacture. It needs no chemicals or fertilizers to maintain it. “BenettiMOSS doesn’t need any maintenance after installation.  It can be easily and quickly installed using fixing screws, plus it can be easily cut using a simple strong cutter. And it’s noise-absorbing,” De Gaudenzi acknowledged. All the moss needs is a minimum of 50% ambient moisture to keep its fresh green appearance. If the air dries out and the moss starts to brown, a simple mist spritz of water brings the colour back to life, reviving the lush green tones of the moss.

But if using the natural vegetation colour green is far too conventional a colour for your space, BenettiMOSS is available in an array of 12 colour variations, from bright pinks, firey oranges, haunting grays and even classic black. The moss comes in the form of ball-like structures which can be configured into modular tile shapes that measure 29.8 by 29.8 cm, however, it can be made into circle, square, rectangular, wall and patterned shapes and designs. Give your living space a pop of fresh ‘green’ colour, without any bother or frustration.

To see more ideas of where you can use BenettiMOSS, click here.

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