12 tips to organise your bedroom cupboards

We chatted to Isabelle de Grandpre from Neat Freak, on her top 12 tips for getting your bedroom cupboards organised. Neat freak is an online shop in South Africa that specializes in products that help you get organized in any space. Here are her top tips:

Keep out of season clothes out of the way by rotating your wardrobe. This extends to your shoes – store unseasonal shoes in clearly labelled shoe boxes, which are easily stacked up and open forward. If you can, find ones that are large enough to fit two pairs of shoes in to maximize storage.

Where possible, use drawer dividers in your drawers for socks and underwear and go through this drawer regularly to toss out single socks and old underwear. These drawers can get full quickly so keep an eye on it.

If your shelves are too far apart, use hanging shelf baskets to create another small division that you can use for gym clothes or swimming costumes.

Shelf dividers are so useful when you’ve got stacks of t-shirts and jerseys falling over.

If you have space, install another clothes rail above or below your existing one. In the cupboard that can only accommodate one rail, maximize the space below with trolleys or even shelves. This will create divisions where they weren’t any.

Use tiered hangers. Store four skirts on one hanger with easy access. Do the same for trousers where possible.

If you need containers in your cupboard, make sure they are clear so that you can easily see what is inside them. Don’t mix and match containers in different colours and sizes where possible as this tends to make your cupboard feel unorganized and cluttered. Remember to label so that you know what is inside them.

Hang shoes up. Fabric shoe pockets or a shoe organiser attached to the back of your cupboard door provides great storage. Try to get one that can accommodate one shoe per pocket. Larger pairs can then go into your shoe boxes.

Use cupboard organisers to hang up your small handbags and jewellery. These can hang on the inside of your cupboard door or over the rail.

Install screw-in hooks inside your cupboard door for hats, belts and even necklaces. It’s amazing how much you can fit on a door.

Adding a small tie or towel rail onto the inside of your cupboard will also give you space to hang your scarves over. Double-up the scarf, thread it over the rail and pull through the loop so they don’t slip off. Alternatively, use a scarf organiser hanger that fits over the rail.

Stack up your bags. If you don’t organize your bags you’ll probably land up using the same one over and again. Stack them like books on a shelf (side on) so that you can easily pull them out. For those bags that keep on falling over, perhaps using a file divider in the cupboard might help!

For more info on her storage products visit www.neatfreakshop.co.za

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