Windows & glass need not be your vulnerable points anymore.

Imagine entering your home to find broken shards of your window lying, shattered on your floor. Your home has been broken into and your flat-screen TV is gone. As you walk around in horror, you see that your PC is missing, so is your coffee machine, the diamond necklace that once belonged to your grandmother and the wedding dress you’d hoped to pass down to your daughter are also missing.

Some of you need not imagine this, because you’ve lived through it before. Windows ought to act as barriers between yourself and the outside world, but they can be the very portal that allows criminals entry into your home. The trauma of having your sanctuary invaded and violated by criminal activity goes beyond the loss of your possessions. Being able to avoid such home intrusions could save you a great deal of money in home insurance payments, and it could save your life.

Statistics provided by Crime SA state that more than 2 million crimes were reported by the SAPS between 2011 and 2012. These reports come from all sorts of areas, from the rural, townships and suburbia. Knowing what measures to take in preventing such situations could be the saving grace you and your loved ones need to ensure your continued safety and security.

Even with the most innovative home security system technology, your windows can be an easy access way into your home. But this need not be the case. GSA’s Smart Glass solutions have what you need to make your windows impenetrable to the violence that lurks outside.

GSA’s Intruderprufe SmartGlass solution is one such measure that helps keep bad elements out of your home or office. This clear laminated safety glass is designed specifically for security reasons. Intruderprufe has up to 10 times the penetration resistance of monolithic float glass giving you added safety and security.

Crime is a factor we all have been or will be affected by at some point in our lives. On average, 43 people are murdered every day in our country. The rest of word sees an average of 7.6 murders per 100 000 people, while our troubled land sees a staggering 36.5 murders per 100 000 people.  Of the nine South African provinces, the Western Cape has the highest numbers of burglaries at residential and non-residential areas, standing at 62 551 in 2013.

Before your head goes into a spin over the dire state our country is in, rest assured knowing that your home windows or glass doors will no longer be an easy entry way for uncouth and undesirable characters. All of GSA’s Intruderprufe glass resists high impact blows with ease and, like all of GSA’s solutions, comes with a 15 year warranty, promising you years of safety and security.

Intruderprufe glass is repeatedly tested by dropping a 225kg steel ball on it, from a height of 9 meters. The impact the makes on the glass is equivalent to the impact made by a hand wielded hammer.  The Normal Strength, High Penetration and High Impact thickness variations, come in 6.38, 6.76 and 7.56 thickness sizes respectively. Each of these glass options are available on request. Bear in mind that the maximum size you can install in your home is dependent on the design load and where the glass will be applied.

Intruderprufe is the perfect way, if not only, to give you peace of mind. Now, going on holiday, going to work, the local shopping center, the gym or leaving the house to visit friends won’t leave you in a constant panic about the safety of your possessions, pets and children.

And because the criminal elements of the world aren’t the only worry you have, Intruderprufe performs the added functions of reducing noise and UV radiation of the sun. So, if noisy neighbours or the rush passing traffic keeps you up at night, Intruderprufe will help get you well-deserved, and much needed rest.

This innovative glass technology is fully compliant with the quality management requirements of SANS 1263, Parts 1 and 2 for all its available thickness variations.

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