Abland 57 Hyde Park upgrades its look

Three buildings stand tall at the prestigious office park address of 57 Hyde Park – Eastwood, Westwood and Northview. Landlord, Abland, selected Tower Bridge Projects to upgrade the common areas of each building when the tenants extended their leases. Eastwood was completed in 2013, Westwood in 2014, and Northview will be given its’ face lift in 2015.

It was decided that the common areas –lobbies, landings and bathrooms, would all be similar, but each building would have its’ own specific accent colour to differentiate between them.

“The challenging aspect of this project was that the common areas were being used by the tenants and had to be kept clean and dust free during construction,” says Tower Bridge Project Manager, Etienne Botha. Tenants could not be inconvenienced by the ongoing work– it had to be “business as usual during the week.”
Throughout the construction all tenants had to have access to one set of clean, functioning bathrooms while the others were being renovated. Abland were particularly impressed that Tower Bridge were prepared to do a lot of the work over weekends and at night for this specific reason. The special relationship that Tower Bridge has developed while working with Abland ensured that all problems were handled immediately and all works were completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Etienne, with help from assistant Project Manager, Russell Cloake, carefully planned the refurbishment to ensure that all tenants felt safe walking through the structural changes taking place in their lobby.
“The scaffolding had to be constructed so that people had a safe passage through the lobby area and that their offices were easily accessible” emphasises Etienne.

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