Ball Wood Fireplace

For more than a decade Beauty Fires has been the fireplace provider of choice in Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering diverse fireplace types and a range of functional pieces for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Specialising in custom-designed and manufactured fireplaces, Beauty Fires works with a specialist team of architects and designers to create fireplaces that transcend form and function, to become artistic centrepieces of the home. With everything from wood-burning, closed-combustions fireplaces, to gas and bioethanol, they have the perfect fireplace solution to suit your space and keep you warm this winter!

If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor statement piece, check out their Ball Wood Fireplace, a gorgeous open hearth suspended fireplace that will bring warmth and aesthetic luxury to any outdoor area. Each fireplace is individually hand-crafted and totally unique, so you rest assured that you’re investing in something special for your home!

The Ball Wood Fireplace is an open hearth suspended fireplace. The top sphere of the fireplace is suspended with the foot piece standing on the floor. The base of the fireplace has a hidden ash tray for easy cleaning. The standard model includes flue pipes up to 3 meters and can be customized for specific installations that require higher suspension. Each fireplace is individually hand crafted and unique.

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