How to select your floor

The floor is the hardest working part of a room so careful selection upfront will keep it in tip top shape,” says Helen de Villiers, marketing manager at Belgotex Floorcoverings.

  • Fashion vs Function – Select a carpet based on the amount of traffic and intended usage of that area, not only the colour or pattern you like. Certain carpet structures are better suited to different areas. Hardwearing loop piles are recommended in high traffic areas like passages or stairways as these not only wear well but also hide dirt or soiling until the next vacuuming. In bedrooms or formal lounges that aren’t exposed to as much wear, cut-pile ranges create a haven of warmth and comfort. Check the grading for light, medium or heavy residential or commercial use and select your carpet accordingly.
  • Lifestyle ­– decide what features are most important for your family needs and lifestyle and pick accordingly. Is it style or convenience? Safety and comfort? A combination of both? Cut-pile carpets are great for luxury and style if you’re a couple without kids, but you’ll prefer the practicality of a stain-proof range with the anti-bacterial protection of SilverCare so their health and safety is also guaranteed.
  • Colour: Always select a shade darker on the floor as colours appear lighter when laid. Available in fashionable shades of ‘mushroom’ greys and neutral beige undertones, Belgotex Carpets are made from UV-resistant Stainproof Fibres so won’t fade or discolour in sunlight.
  • Texture: Add texture and interest to your room by contrasting the textures on your walls and floors. Add softness and luxury with a thick pile carpet such Belgotex Carpets’ Heather Twist or create a tactile sensation with the high-low textured pattern of Impressions which combines cut-pile luxury with loop-pile durability.
  • Technical Specs: Flooring is subject to constant innovation to address concerns such as maintenance and hygiene. Belgotex Carpets are made from easy-to-clean stainproof yarns with new SilverCare anti-bacterial treatment.
  • Price: Always choose the best you can afford – price is not only an indication of quality, but also the latest flooring technology and materials.
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